Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

The spring Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is a seamless representation of youth. Start to finish, from the music to hair and make up, the show was all things young and fresh. 

Bold colors (orange, red, yellow, pink) paired with white and darker hues (black, navy, green) in the form of color blocking and stripes--a combination of preppy and retro. The collection also included a pinkish-purple tropical bird made into a pattern, one we will most definitely recognize come spring!

Jumpers, belted dresses, lightweight coats and sweaters, short shorts paired with simplistic tops, energetic bags and swimsuits to boot; Jacobs supplied the audience with all things vacation worthy (even when it came to menswear). 

I love this collection because of the simplicity of each piece, though ultimately complex with the use of colors/patterns and of course, all the eye-catching accessories (ie: wedges!).

I think I'll start planning that spring getaway--now. xo

My attempt to capture the show via phone.

Photo Credit: Getty Images. Harper's Bazaar.