Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Be Back Soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by-it means so much to me! I apologize for the recent lack of posts as I am in the process of working on some changes for the site. 
All will be back up and running shortly!

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All my love xxoo

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweetie Pie

The holidays are a huge part of who I am. Also, food and my love for entertaining, which happen to be the core of my cherished infatuations. That being said (the following is not an exaggeration), I live day by day, by day by day awaiting the holidays which loom in the horizon! 

Welp, fall is finally here and Halloween is well on its way. If there is one thing I cannot live without (regardless of season!) it's pumpkin pie. I can however live without all the sugar and guilt that goes along with my year-round craving...and the can it comes in (yet to master how to cook a pumpkin pie using a real pumpkin, I can hardly carve one), all those variables lead me to creating 'Sweetie Pie.' Thanks to its make up of sweet potatoes, this mock filling holds some supreme beauty enhancing compounds. The dish is idyllic as a side or desert and a simple carry along for a holiday potluck.

Ingredients: (serves about 6)

3 large sweet potatoes 
3 tbs. agave 
1/2 tbs. pumpkin pie spice
1/4 cup pure orange juice 
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt


In a large sauce pan, boil water. Peel and cut potatoes into pieces. Once water is boiling, add potatoes and cook until soft. Strain water and transfer potatoes back into the sauce pan. Using a 'potato masher' or hand mixer, mash potatoes as you normally would. In a small-medium bowl combined agave, orange juice, vanilla extract, spice and sea salt then whisk until completely mixed. Add liquid mixture to mashed potatoes and mix well. 

Pair with pumpkin seeds and/or a small tea cookie for garnish. 

Sweet potatoes: Known to help improve skin complexion, sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene. In the body beta-carotene converts to vitamin A and through DNA eliminates old skin cells and produces new ones. Beta-carotene also works to fight off free radicals (chemicals that damage cells) and enough free radical exposure can lead to wrinkles--way before we should have them! Sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. 

Canned products: It is always best to eat fresh foods for obvious reasons, plus some canned goods can hold tons of additives. There has been lots of talk regarding Bisphenol A (BPA), a compound which coats the interior of canned products. Some studies have linked BPA to health issues (from hormone imbalances to cancer) and questioned its effects on the brain. I'm not telling you to never use a canned product again, but simply be aware, that's all. I still use canned goods for certain things! I just make sure to always look for the purest option available (may mean a little more effort), read labels/ingredient list before buying and if I can find what I am looking for in a glass jar instead, I'll buy that. 

Get cooking, sweetie pie! xo

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Savvy Sipper

I can't exactly explain it but it's like a tip toe-run, we're very fast and if you blink you may miss it; my friends and I bare a resemblance to victims of over indulgence as we graze the city's London-esque roads. It's just the brick thoroughfare and lack of stability in five-inch heels, honest. My mom once told me, "two things: men and alcohol, when it comes to either--choose wisely," she regret to inform me about the damage-risk you take when purchasing suede pumps in nude. Nonetheless, the trick is--choose wisely

We all have our pick of "poison," but when it comes to alcohol there are a few options that you may want to consider ahead of others.

As many of us know, wine is always a safe choice. It isn't as hard on your body and more specifically, won't put your liver under such ruthless attack! Wine contains flavonoids (help prevent cardiovascular diseases and inflammation) and antioxidants (all around important to your health). Organic or biodynamic wines that don't contain added sulfites are always your best bet whenever possible. 

Hate to admit it, but those brewed liquid pleasures are the most toxic, like beer, tequila (my favorite!) and rum; since they cause sugar imbalances in the body, they also lead to some pretty undesirable bloat (stick with vodka!). One problem--the Cats (#1!) play the Trojans this afternoon and the game screams bottomless pitcher, now what?! Opt for darker hues, they contain more minerals and have less of an effect on blood sugar levels as they absorb more slowly into the bloodstream than refined light brews. 

As always, moderation is key and be sure to sip a 'lemon drop detoxifier' first thing the next morning, have shoe repair on speed dial and when it comes to men, take note: "well done is better than well said."- Ben Franklin


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Green 'Superfoods'

It seems a lot of us get confused when it comes to green superfoods, as we hear more and more about them and their importance in our diet. I decided to make a list and provide some detail in my own words. Lets break it down!

In a general sense, superfoods are those found in nature and are nutrient dense; meaning they hold tons more vitamins and minerals (better for you) than the average veggie. They are a great source of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients that the body cannot make on its own, but need in order to reach optimal health.

Green superfoods are the easiest to digest, they contain fat burning compounds and protect and heal the body against disease and illness. They also include proteins and good bacteria for the muscles and tissue while acting as an aid to the digestion system (meaning anything else you eat will be digested much easier, thanks to its natural enzymes!). Green superfoods contain large amounts of chlorophyll (remember sixth grade science?); chlorophyll makes plants green. The structure of chlorophyll is much like the human blood, so when we take it in the making of hemoglobin (protein molecule in our blood cells, carries oxygen from the lungs to our tissue then carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs) increases, meaning much more oxygen in the blood!

Here is a list of green superfoods and a bit more about them individually:  

Wheat grass: Wheat grass is very mainstream nowadays, but it is important you get the right kind (I'll be posting brand recommendations soon!) Wheat grass is sprouted grass of wheat seed that does not contain gluten or allergic proxies because it has been sprouted (much like why I suggest soaking grains, like those in 'Pretty Porridge'). Wheat grass is alkalizing (balances pH levels), helps improve blood, aids the thyroid gland (metabolism function assists digestion and weight loss) because of its enzyme content and ability to cleanse the body.

Barley grassBarley grass can help counterbalance heavy metals (like mercury) in the blood stream; mercury is a common concern now a days, tuna carries a lot of it (try to buy 'low mercury tuna,' especially in the can--a lot of companies will note if they are low mercury on the label). Amazingly enough, barley grass has way more calcium than cow’s milk (about 11 times the amount), five times more iron than spinach and seven times more vitamin C than orange juice. It also contains a large amount of vitamin B12 (vegetarians, you need lots of this!), which has the ability to increase energy. 

Wild blue-green algaeWild blue-green algae is a phyto-plankton and contains tons and tons and tons of nutrients. It has a much more comprehensive amino acid profile than beef or soy beans and is 60% protein! Amino acids help promote brain function so needless to say, wild blue-green algae can up the brain function and memory while improving the immune system with its mass amounts of vitamin B and beta carotene (not just found in carrots)!

Spirulina: Much like wheat grass, spirulina is becoming much more mainstream and people are starting to hear about it and ask questions (its been consumed for thousands of years by the indigenous people in Mex. and Africa). So, what is it exactly? Well, obviously a superfood, but aside from that it is a protein! It contains 70% complete protein (steak only consists of 25% once its been cooked). I’m sure you’ve heard that protein helps cut cravings--welp, guess what? Spirulina does just that, as it helps to control blood sugar levels. It’s a great tool for those with diabetes and anyone looking to tone up and shed a few pounds.

Chlorella: I hate the sound of this! Sounds mean. Chlorella is a fresh water algae that too is very high in protein, contains all the B, C and E vitamins and lots of minerals (talk about beauty!). It also helps to reduce cholesterol, preventing heart attacks, stokes and the hardening of arteries (this doesn’t just happen to "old" people anymore, so don't be fooled).

What about green leafy vegetables? They are not necessarily considered 'superfoods,' however much better for you than the average veggie. Green leafy vegetables are everywhere and easy to grab but lots of people don’t eat them. I agree, they are a bit intimidating but I will continue to share some recipes that will hopefully make them much more tempting to try! It is super important we incorporate green leafy veggies for tons of reasons, beauty, health, energy and especially so we can eat and drink however we want from time to time without it taking such a toll on our bodies! A few of my favorites are spinach, kale, swiss chard, arugula, watercress, collard greens, brussel sprouts (eh, sort of considered a 'leafy' veggie!) and dandelion greens. 

I'll let all that sink in before I go on--ha! Check back soon for brand recommendations and how to get your daily dose of 'superfoods!' xo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soirée Thursday

It's Thursday and in my Hudson nestled apartment, it means soirée night. Thursdays after work, my roommates and I make our trek home with one thing on our minds: well, cocktails, of course. We turn up our 80s hits playlist, loop in additional soirée-goers, snatch up festive napkins and treat ourselves to a week well-done.

Here's what we're sipping this evening: (ingredient list serves 1)

1 1/2 oz. mandarin vodka
1/2 oz. POM juice
1/2 oz. Pellegrino
Orange twist for garnish

Add all ingredients into a cocktail glass, stir and garnish with an orange twist (use a veggie peeler to make the twist--that's the easiest way, in my opinion).
*Switch up who buys cocktail napkins each week, from silly to classically elegant, it's fun to take turns.

To YOU! xo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art Of Display

Living in the city I have been exposed to an exceptional amount of culture and have found an even greater passion for art. No matter size or cost (even if it's homemade!) knowing how to display your beloved artwork can be the one of the most difficult challenges when it comes to home décor.

This photo (above) demonstrates one way to embrace an abstract piece, the pristine trim, floor and walls allow it to stand without distraction. Use a simplistic, razor-thin frame to keep the complexity of abstract neat and sleek against white walls. Build off art--add pillows, flowers, coffee table books, etc. throughout the room to tie in favored colors found within the piece. xo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ditch The Take-Out Thai Wraps

This recipe is long overdue! I had mentioned these wraps a couple of months ago and realized I had yet to write up the recipe, so here it is. 

Great for entertaining, these raw and vegan wraps (alternative to traditional 'Thai Lettuce Wrap' recipes) are a healthy option that will help you to incorporate those hard to eat veggies (ie: collard greens). The inspiration came from one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Pure Food and Wine--I created an easier recipe with accessible ingredients for a wrap we all could try! 

Ditch the Take-Out Thai Wraps: (serves 4-6) 

1/2 lemon (juiced)
1 1/2 tbs. ginger (chopped)
1 tbs. red chili (chopped, seeds included; make sure to wash your hands well after--chili can burn!) 
1/2 head savoy cabbage (shredded)
2 cups bean sprouts
6 large collard green leaves
1 handful/bunch cilantro leaves
1 handful/bunch mint leaves
1 large green apple (cut into matchsticks)

1 cup raw almond butter (regular works too--it's a lot less expensive, just isn't "raw")
1/4 cup agave 
1 1/2 tbs. nama shoyu (tastes like your average soy sauce, just better for you)
Sea salt

Rinse all ingredients well. Chop cabbage, place in a large bowl with bean sprouts. Set aside.

In a blender puree ginger, red chili, lemon juice, agave and nama shoyu. Add almond butter, a pinch of sea salt and continue to blend until smooth. Pour into the cabbage-bean sprout mixture (the mixture you set aside) and toss well. 

With a knife, remove vein (middle) of the collard greens. You'll be using the leaves to wrap the ingredients. 

Set up your wrapping station. What you'll need on hand: collard greens, mint, cilantro, apple and cabbage-bean sprout mixture. Wrap away (rally friends to help)!

Once you've made all the wraps, it's time to make the sauce to dip them in (majority of the ingredients are listed above--all you'll need other than the above is olive oil and limes).

3-4 limes (juiced)

1 tbs. extra virgin olive oil 
3 tbs. agave
1 tbs. nama shoyu 
Sea salt

In a blender combined all ingredients. Blend until smooth. 

Serve wraps and dipping sauce cold on/in your favorite serving platter and bowl. Here are two of my recent orders from Pottery Barn (Target always has great finds!):

Handled Ceramic Serving Platter ($59)
Montana Gravy Boat & Ladle ($29)

Now, throw a 'wrap up summer' party and celebrate the start of a new season. Enjoy! xo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

The spring Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is a seamless representation of youth. Start to finish, from the music to hair and make up, the show was all things young and fresh. 

Bold colors (orange, red, yellow, pink) paired with white and darker hues (black, navy, green) in the form of color blocking and stripes--a combination of preppy and retro. The collection also included a pinkish-purple tropical bird made into a pattern, one we will most definitely recognize come spring!

Jumpers, belted dresses, lightweight coats and sweaters, short shorts paired with simplistic tops, energetic bags and swimsuits to boot; Jacobs supplied the audience with all things vacation worthy (even when it came to menswear). 

I love this collection because of the simplicity of each piece, though ultimately complex with the use of colors/patterns and of course, all the eye-catching accessories (ie: wedges!).

I think I'll start planning that spring getaway--now. xo

My attempt to capture the show via phone.

Photo Credit: Getty Images. Harper's Bazaar.