Saturday, October 1, 2011

Savvy Sipper

I can't exactly explain it but it's like a tip toe-run, we're very fast and if you blink you may miss it; my friends and I bare a resemblance to victims of over indulgence as we graze the city's London-esque roads. It's just the brick thoroughfare and lack of stability in five-inch heels, honest. My mom once told me, "two things: men and alcohol, when it comes to either--choose wisely," she regret to inform me about the damage-risk you take when purchasing suede pumps in nude. Nonetheless, the trick is--choose wisely

We all have our pick of "poison," but when it comes to alcohol there are a few options that you may want to consider ahead of others.

As many of us know, wine is always a safe choice. It isn't as hard on your body and more specifically, won't put your liver under such ruthless attack! Wine contains flavonoids (help prevent cardiovascular diseases and inflammation) and antioxidants (all around important to your health). Organic or biodynamic wines that don't contain added sulfites are always your best bet whenever possible. 

Hate to admit it, but those brewed liquid pleasures are the most toxic, like beer, tequila (my favorite!) and rum; since they cause sugar imbalances in the body, they also lead to some pretty undesirable bloat (stick with vodka!). One problem--the Cats (#1!) play the Trojans this afternoon and the game screams bottomless pitcher, now what?! Opt for darker hues, they contain more minerals and have less of an effect on blood sugar levels as they absorb more slowly into the bloodstream than refined light brews. 

As always, moderation is key and be sure to sip a 'lemon drop detoxifier' first thing the next morning, have shoe repair on speed dial and when it comes to men, take note: "well done is better than well said."- Ben Franklin


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