Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lemon Drop Detoxifier

1-2 Tbs. fresh organic lemon juice 
10oz. filtered water at room temperature
Drink quickly 

If there is one simple health tip I would give anyone, it’s this! Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is a great daily detox (especially important after an evening of cocktails); think of it as a car wash for your insides. At the very least you should always drink a big glass of water when you wake up (aside from the 10oz.) to support metabolism function, adding lemon will help eliminate waste and prepare your body for a new day!

Importance of detoxification: The body naturally detoxifies (eliminating and neutralizing toxins) daily, but it can be hard to stay on track due to high amounts of air pollution, processed foods, drugs and alcohol. The average persons body is in overload, leaving toxic material inside its tissue; fat and mucous is then sent by the body to shield it from these unwanted elements by surrounding them. What does this mean? Aside from many health risks, weight gain; in some cases 15 pounds of this unwanted waste can be stored in the body. ‘Goodbye itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.’   
Detoxification is not only important for the body, but also the mind. Part of the reason I am so passionate about health is because of its ability to make you feel absolutely incredible! Negativity slips away and you're happy and energetic by default; 'I'll take another round of that, please and thank you.'

On any medications? If so, it’s super important your body has a chance to detox. You should try to avoid medication as much as possible (even something as simple as Advil), but when you do take it, it is important that your body is clean enough to keep it moving along to avoid build up. Excess build up can cause anything from acne or joint pain (inflammation) to serious health issues, like illness, leading you to even more medication (build up). Sometimes people find that when they change their diet and detoxify, they are on much less or no longer take their once “common” medication(s), even diabetics.

Lemons are high in vitamin C, antioxidants and have over 200 enzymes making it not only great for health, but one of my favorite natural beauty products. Lemon is a super food for the liver, if your liver is clean, it makes the detoxification process much more effective; less toxins equal beautiful skin from head to toe!

Summer treat: Add a little bit of Stevia (all natural-zero calorie sweetener) to the Lemon Drop Detoxifier recipe (however much water and lemon juice you'd like) then sip and enjoy as lemonade. Try not to add Stevia in the morning, this will give your body a chance to adapt to sour foods and limit sweet cravings. 

More detox tips to come! xo

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