Friday, April 29, 2011

Leaving Distress Behind

Hi Girls!

Thank you for trusting me and asking me to help! I am so excited to share and build this blog with useful tips so we together can make a healthy lifestyle in your 20's easy and effective. I'll update you with posts on tons of things I incorporate in my life, that I have personally tried and absolutely love! Anything from food/drink recipes to skin products, health topics trending in the news, books and authors I trust, also just fun girl stuff and ways to feel great about yourself from the inside out! 

A lot of you ask similar questions so I figured this would be a perfect place to reach out to all of you at once and to see where our friends (or any one other ladies out there!) are needing guidance. I made a separate email for ALL suggestions/questions/info you may have, that way there is a place to collect the topics I will be posting/answering. Email me at: I care about you all so much and want to make maintaining health easy for you!

Those of you who don't know me, health and healthy eating are a huge part of my life and family. My friends often come to me with questions because I try tons of things and have a mom who is very passionate about health, especially food. People call her "Dr. Tams," she even has her own product line! I gather information from all kinds of sources, research, then apply it to my 22-year-old lifestyle and find a balance. 

Like most of you, it is important (and necessary!) that I have a life outside of watching what I eat and exercising 24/7. I can't help but worry about our generation as we get older and have a family of our own. How my kids might be affected by my health and how I'm going to age is constantly on my mind. Young people today are being effected more than ever by life changing diseases, mental issues, and of course obesity. I truly believe it will only get worse if we don't take control now and that is why I am eager to help. 

Health isn't just about weight or the way you look on the outside. It's hard to see past those two things when you're young, I know, but try so we can be smokin' hot and healthy at 50, too! Let's get started! xo


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