Saturday, April 30, 2011

Morning Blend

A question I get often is 'what should I eat for breakfast?
Lets say it's a weekday, you've already hit snooze three times and spent most the morning looking for your matching black pump, "did I really come home with just one shoe last night??? that's the last time I mix vodka and tequila," as you promise yourself you'll never go out on a workday again if you could just find that matching pump! That next Saturday, you order a vodka soda and eagerly announce "I'm in!" when your guy friends order a round of tequila shots.
On the go or returning from a morning run, a protein shake is a great way to start your day. Here is my favorite all-purpose concoction: 

1 scoop Jay Robb chocolate whey or egg white protein powder 
Blue Diamond almond milk unsweetened vanilla or original (add as you go for desired thickness)
3 (or more) drops of Stevia
1 Tbs. Flaxseed and/or Chia Seed
1/4 tsp. RFRL Pro-Daily-Otic powder (not pictured) 

I drink this first thing in the morning, unless i'm working out. If so, I wait until after, you burn more fat if you hit the gym on an empty stomach. You can find all these ingredients at Whole Foods. Jay Robb protein powder tastes great, it's high protein, low in sugar, carbs and fat. I like to use unsweetened almond milk because it too is low in sugar, carbs and fat, it's also great for those with dairy issues. When i'm traveling and don't have access to almond milk I use fat free milk or water. The protein, flax and chia are easy to transfer to zip locks for travel; I bring stevia drops along (zero cal/sugar natural sweetener), a Blender Bottle and mix the ingredients the same as I would at home just minus the blender and sometimes ice.

Chia seed: High in vitamins and minerals. They also contain an unsaturated omega 6 known as linoleic acid, which your body doesn't make so you have to get it from foods; it helps to fight disease and illness. Chia seed can increase energy, stop cravings for sweets, detoxify the body and build muscle and tissue. They also act as a thickening agent which is great because I hate watery protein shakes! 

Flaxseed: I've read much that says flax can reduce the risk of chronic disease and even some cancers by limiting inflammation in the body; i'd like to think that's true, but who knows. Also read it can increase estrogen, which can be a bad thing if you're estrogen dominate. What I do know is flax is high in omega 3s, "good" fats and fiber, it's one of those love/hate things until I learn more. I'll use flax then sometimes I won't, it depends how I am feeling and what my body is telling me that day. Chia already has Omega 3's and too much of anything is never a good thing, so use flax sparingly until you see how your body reacts.

RFRL Pro-Daily-Otic green powder: This product is from my mom's company! It's an effortless way for me to incorporate all kinds of greens, grains and sea veggies, keeps my skin clear and balances my hormones. I know many of you who have found it helped you lose weight too! In a shake you can hardly taste it, you don't need much and can increase the dosage over time. Greens are super important in general but these in particular because they are fermented with "good" bacteria and live enzymes, which means your body doesn't have to work to digest it so you're taking in all it's benefits. Order at:


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