Sunday, July 17, 2011

Healthy Change

New York City is one of those places that makes you feel absolutely fearless but fearful all at once. Passion and drive linger, though your ability to succeed is just as great as your ability to fail. There is no middle. No sorta. No grey. You roll the dice and take a leap...and you leap far far far away.There is no looking back. No room for doubt. You live. You learn. You pray you'll survive. 

The average woman will change her mind an infinite number during her lifetime. Of course, the severity of these changes vary. You could wake up one morning wanting to wear a dress and end up in pants or wake up happily dreaming in California (it wasn't easy to leave-it's my safe spot) then hours later jump on a one-way to NYC to dream on different turf. What I am getting at is that WE as women are very powerful. We have the ability to be different and change our destiny by just being us-women. That screams power if you ask me. Now, this doesn't mean I think men are any less powerful or extraordinary; in fact, I love men and what they stand for in society. I believe in the power of a woman, but I am also quite alright with not opening my own car door on a date or single handedly moving boxes into my apartment-both really do take someone very strong. 

I moved to New York City with the mere luck of having the opportunity and means to follow a passion. In my opinion, good or bad, change is something to embrace. I am a true believer in the saying 'everything happens for a reason' and repeat it time and time again in my head, especially on the tough days. Change is healthy. It is a chance to learn and explore from a mindset you might never have found otherwise. It is empowering and powerful and you, as a woman, have it within you. 

I have found in many women our age that taking control of their health and eating habits are one of those changes that can be the most difficult to overcome. I will not tell you it's easy, but it is possible and once you realize it's possible too-it is a heck of a lot easier and much more fun! Welcome change into your life. Ask for it and embrace it. I bet if you look back at all the "difficult" situations you've stumbled upon thus far, you'll see that the positive things in life might never have been possible without the difficult to help open your eyes or steer you in a new direction. 

Okay so now that we've found our power and made a move, we must now live in it! Live in it-literally in my situation. Let's talk décor!

If you have spacious living quarters or not decorating can be quite the challenge. My challenge to tackle at the moment: turning a living room into a bedroom for myself and a friend-to share. There is a shop called Tumbleweed & Dandelion in Venice, Calif. that I absolutely adore. I reached out to the owner in hopes she would help guide me and my roommates as we started our décor journey, she happily offered her time and wisdom! Since she is located in Los Angeles we are working together via pictures and phone. We've officially started the process and are now on to picking accent colors. Stay tuned in the weeks to come and learn some fun-living tips with me! xo

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