Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Made In America


We will never forget that day, it will forever remind us of how great it feels to live in America and have such brave men and women representing our country. 
My cousin Jamie is in the Navy, she is one of the strongest women I know and we miss her so much! Last time she was home we cruised Newport Beach:)

My dad owns a brewery in Newport, so when I was younger I’d spend the summers there, riding my bike and living in my bathing suit. In between the beach and countless ferry rides to Balboa Island, my friends and I would make pit stops at the Brew Co. and my dad would load us up on root beer floats (greatest AMERICAN invention of all time)!

An early 4th of July party was put into order to honor those fighting and I made a healthy alternative to one of my favorite American treats.

Side Note: I love serving drinks in mason jars! Have friends bring their own next time you have a casual party (the one with the float in it is a jam jar), everyone will know which drink is theirs (especially if you leave the labels on), plus it's a fun and easy way for guests to contribute.

These might be totally new products to you, but they honestly taste fantastic and together contain much less sugar and calories than your traditional float, plus no chemicals!

Zevia soda is sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol, has zero calories and is low in carbs (Ginger Root Beer has 7g per can). Many of you may have already heard of Stevia, it’s an herb, an all-natural sugar substitute and Erythritol is an all-natural sugar alcohol (mixing these two together helps dilute the bitter taste Stevia can leave on its own). All the flavors are very true to the real deal, I really don't think you'll feel like you're missing out! 

So Delicious has been making dairy free options for awhile now (it’s most popular being soy), my new favorite is their 'No Sugar Added' line of coconut milk products. Coconut milk holds some great vitamins and a type of saturated fat that is comprised of short- chained and medium- chained fatty acids, which the body utilizes by converting it to energy instead of storing it as fat.  The ice cream itself is low in sugar and all-natural.

Soy comes up a lot in conversation about health and friends always ask what I think about it. I will have to go into more detail later, but basically soy contains estrogen and as a female we usually don’t need anymore of that and men definitely do not (us girls would like the whole tissue box to ourselves during The Notebook, thanks). There will always be different opinions and health products and foods are no exception. Oh freedom. 

Another brand of ice cream you could try is Tempt (I buy their milk sometimes), it is made with hempseed and tastes great too but is just a bit higher in sugar. Either option, along with Zevia, you can find at Whole Foods.


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