Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Natalie

Thanks to a double date, Natalie and I became friends and have so much in common I wonder how I ever managed without her! Thoughtful and open-minded, she is just as much beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Don't let her charm and pint size full you, she loves kickboxing and packs quite the punch! 

Name: Natalie
Age: 22
Healthful Tip: Drink lots of water and try everything at least once! 

Hummus is Yummus… and good for you!
Yes, it is true! You can have a delicious snack that is good for you and tastes great! Take a trip down the Mediterranean coast and there you will find the goddess of all snack dips, hummus. Although it comes from humble origins, made mostly as an appetizer dish in the most modest of households along the Mediterranean, it packs a double punch of flavor and nutritional value! Two large tablespoons have only 50 calories and contain at least 1 gram of protein. Pair this dip with raw vegetables like carrots or celery and you have yourself a healthy and filling snack that will satisfy you until dinner time. Plain hummus not good enough for your exotic palate? These days hummus is made in a variety of flavors, including jalapeƱo, roasted red pepper and garlic herb and can be found at almost every local grocery store! So eat away without a care! … Wait, I take that back, one downfall of the miracle snack… because it contains both protein and carbohydrates (as any other legume does) it digests slowly, keeping you full until your next meal, but it can create some… uncomfortable bloating? However to avoid this unappetizing effect make sure you pair it with raw vegetables (like the ones suggested above) and not meats and fruits! Doing this will make sure you can snack happily in all situations! 
Nothing beats my mom's homemade hummus, but Trader Joe's does have a great selection.


The purpose of this blog is to help friends. It's a place to share and learn from each other; all types of girls in their 20s with different lifestyles and many different interests. I'll be introducing friends and family from time to time, they'll post on their favorite tips or how they incorporate health into their lives! 
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