Friday, May 20, 2011

Thrifty Gifting

Affordable and unique gifts can be difficult to find, that is why I love incorporating my 3rd grade art skills by making "modifications" to things I buy! 
My sister Marlo is the best big sister in the whole wide world!!! It was really important to me that the gift I gave her for her engagement was fun yet had meaning behind it. 

Marlo loooooooves workout clothes (especially Lululemon!) and exercising. Health overall, is a huge part of our relationship and something we enjoy sharing with each other. My inspiration came from the whole lingerie tradition, giving a bride lingerie for her wedding night, instead I got her a white sports bra and booty shorts from Lululemon (our dad was happy about this one-and no again dad, a bodysuit was not an option)! I made a lingerie hanger (what "bridal" looks to me) so the idea was clear, plus added the "something old/borrowed" and "something blue" tradition. 

Supplies I got at Michael's
  • White satin ribbon-1.5-2''w (2 yards)
  • Blue satin ribbon-1''w (1 yard or less depending on bow size)
  • Lace ribbon (Marlo's has "pearls" on it. Any size under 2''w is fine)
  • White feather edge satin ribbon-3/8''w
  • Scrapbook flowers
  • Scrapbook pendant 
  • Large (larger the better looks cutest for this in my opinion!) safety pins (2)
  • Super Glue
  • Large tee-shirt box 
  • White tissue paper 
First, I bought a padded coat hanger (Target or Home Goods). 
Use the thickest ribbon to cover the hanger fabric, working around the hook, wrapping it tightly and gluing as you go. The lace ribbon is for decoration, so again wrapping it around the hanger, but more spaced out than the first (cut and glue all ends at the end of the hanger to keep things consistent). Tie a few knots at the base of the hanger hook with the lace and feather edge ribbon, letting excess hang. Use the remaining thick ribbon to tie a large bow above the knots. Add scrapbook flowers or whatever else you'd like to the middle of the bow. Attach with glue. 

Use the blue ribbon to tie a bow on one side of the bra. I wanted the two pieces to come out of the box together so I safety pinned the bra to the shorts and tied a small bow on each pin using the thinnest white ribbon. Add the pendant (most have double sided tape already on them) to the top left or right corner of the shorts (the one I found was vintage inspired with a love quote engraved, so it stood as the "something old/borrowed"). White tissue paper and a tee-shirt box to wrap it all in. 
*You don't want to physically glue anything on to the bra or shorts because then it's not realistic to wear and a Lulu bra can run you about $40+. If it's just an inexpensive one time thing, then glue away! I made friends ridiculous Valentine's Day shirts this year for pictures with Fruit of the Loom tees.

The groom-to-be was easy! I got Bobby a six-pack (found a bright green tin beer holder) and a good-bye card. Bobby can get crazy off of beer so we love joking with him about it, he's rarely "allowed" to have him some brews-ha!

These gift ideas can be used for different occasions, you'll just need to theme them appropriately. I once made a "birthday suit" for a friend using a nude bra and bottom from American ApparelYou can always email me if you need help too!

Congratulations Mar and Bobbo!! I love you!
...And they lived happily ever after...

Channel your inner bride:
Between all the Kate Middleton press (who didn't love her wedding dress?!) and thinking about my future duties as Marlo's Maid of Honor, I am loving white, especially white lace. You can imagine my excitement when the most recent WhoWhatWear Trend Report found it's way to my inbox-- white lace dresses! I DO! xo


  1. hahaha! I like the last picture the best. They were fabulous gifts and meant much more since they were handmade and so much thought went into them! Keep up the good work bloggy mcbloggerson! Love you!!

  2. PS I LOVE this trend report! Perfect timing to buy white lace! Engagement party anyone?!