Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beachy Keen

One thing I really miss about California is having textured beach hair-just from running errands! I am sure lots of you have heard of (or tried) putting homemade saltwater in your hair to achieve a 'local' beach babe look. However, it seems that unless you have perfectly sun kissed ends, a glowing tan and a hot bod to boot, your hair never falls right and you end up looking like you tried too hard to...well, not try hard. Those are my worst looks. My sister, Marlo and I both have unruly hair; give us a little humidity and dry ends-watch out, chances are we're in a really bad mood too! Marlo e-mailed me the other day suggesting I give this saltwater trick another try-her way. After trying her method my hair was still textured and tangle-free even after a day of running around the city!

1 cup water
1/2 tbs. sea salt (avoid table salt-it doesn't work the same, plus not so good for your hair!)
1/4 tsp. leave in-conditioner or moisturizing hair oil

In a small sauce pan, bring water to boil. Turn off heat and stir in salt. Set aside to cool. Once cooled, add in conditioner and stir. Transfer into a spray bottle. Shake and apply to damp ends. Flip head upside down a few times and shake. Let air dry. 

Before applying saltwater mixture: Brush hair (while it's still dry) then wash normally (shampoo and condition). Towel dry and comb out (or don't comb out-you pick!)

Hair that's thick, dry or tends to get frizzy: After the normal shampoo/conditioner routine and towel drying, coat your still wet ends with leave in-conditioner (yes, aside from the 1/4 tsp. used in the saltwater mixture); this will help add to that 'beachy' texture and keep hair soft and frizz-free. 

Avoid grease: Keep saltwater spray and extra conditioner away from roots!

Need for speed: Running fingers through your hair (don't use a brush!) use the 'cool' option on your blowdryer until hair is close to dry. Finish with heat. After hair is completely dry, use a 2-inch barrel curing iron and randomly curl 1/2-inch sections. Flip your head upside down, shake and tease roots for added volume. Avoid hairspray for a natural look. 

The "sulfate-free" hype: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a chemical used to aid against grease build up in tons of soap products. Anything from shampoo to face wash to garage floor cleaners, most often you'll find 'sulfate' in the ingredient list. It is also a less expensive way to make soap much more "soapy" and since we relate bubbles to clean, we're hooked on SLS. Considering it's harsh nature (even in diluted quantities) SLS has been known to cause hair follicle damage, weakening the structure and growth of hair over time. There are some studies that claim SLS is cancer causing and damaging to not only the skin, but the immune system. The FDA has not banned SLS from products, but who knows if it's actually as harmless as they say. I have a hard time completely trusting the FDA so I am constantly researching; an ingredient that can be just as commonly found in skin or hair products as it is engine cleaner, makes me a bit suspicious.

Favorite hair finds: 

Bioken Enfanti (sulfate-free) is the only sulfate-free option I have found that actually works, leaving my hair to look much healthier than most other products riddled with sulfates. Usually sulfate-free products tend to make my hair coarse or greasy, not these! Totally worth trying (they're in my shower as we speak!). 
Dove Damage Therapy though they do contain sulfates, it's an inexpensive option that repairs my hair and makes it super soft. 

Leave-in conditioner/conditioning oils
Jojoba oil (organic option available too!) is an all natural oil that can be used for various beauty needs! I love it because it helps aid split ends and nix frizz the natural way. It's one of those oils that is great to have under your bathroom sink at all times! 
Moroccanoil (oil treatment/light treatment) has two options-one for normal or thicker hair and one for blonde or fine hair. A lot of my friends with fine hair always try to stay away from oils because they tend to make their hair look greasy-this is the only one they trust! These products are a go-to for tons of salons and highly recommended, especially after harsh coloring. 
It's a 10 (miracle leave-in plus keratin) is great for all types of hair. It even helps maintain keratin straightening treatments, replaces lost protein and is one of my favorite detangle aids! It comes in a spray bottle so it's effortless to apply and perfect for travel. 

Find the "beach" wherever you are-for me it's on the rooftop of my apartment with a Beach Boys/Jimmy Buffet/Jack Johnson playlist on tap (don't forget to drink lots of water!). xo 

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