Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Fling Or 'Fall'-ing?

With so many budding trends on the horizon, I am constantly reminding myself that it is still in fact summer and fur in 90 degree weather is not going to fly 'no matter how cute.' When it comes to trends, transitioning from season to season can be a challenge-I am already indecisive enough without the awkward in between stage 'of seasons that is! Well...actually...ha!' The spring/summer runway introduced us to bright colors and they have continued to pop up in fall collections. Traditional blue denim will always be a staple; I am sure most of you have noticed the colored denim trend this summer and might have already stepped outside the box 'so not my type-until now' and snatched up a pair. Aside from colored solids, I bet it's safe to say you have collected a few floral dresses 'duh, day-dates'. Colored denim, or just colored pants in general and floral dresses are two effortless trends you can count on to keep you calm, cool and collected 'keeper!' as you transition into fall.

How-to 'fall' into floral: Dresses or a flirty top; pair this summer essential with a fitted black blazer, nude pumps or bold wedges and vibrant lips 'I wouldn't dare mess up my lipstick-sorry Charlie.'


How-to 'stay committed' to colored denim: Use this look to start incorporating that black or textured cheetah print belt and black pumps. Tuck in a fitted or loose gray or white tee and pair the look with an oversize watch and/or your  favorite silver/gold bangles (a black blazer works here too)-'date night!'

Stay Committed to Colored Denim

When in doubt-barefoot in blue jeans, a white tee and textured summer hair will have you effortlessly irresistible 'look who's 'fall'-ing now...' as you sum up summer! Enjoy it! xo

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