Friday, June 24, 2011


When I buy groceries I try my best to stay away from heavily processed foods because they hold a lot of chemicals (chemicals don't make us look very pretty). I love eating, especially the "event" of eating! You'll never see me going to bed hungry or saying no to round one...two...three HUNDRED of margaritas-in fact, for dinner the other night (at 11pm) I had two margaritas and two huge appetizers worth of chips, guac and salsa with a friend-no leafy greens and lots of tequila. SO good! Nights like those are exactly why I choose to eat the way I do on a day to day basis; a balance is really important in your 20s. Here is a look at what I bought for the next week and a half/two weeks during a recent trip to the grocery store. I've already made tons of great (and easy!) things with these ingredients which I will continue to share with you! 

The same day I bought all of this, I made vegan Thai wraps for the roomies! Recipe and video to come.
Here are a few attempts-great night!=) 

Thanks to two of the best friends ever (they'll try anything) for inspiring many of my posts and always entertaining me along the way! xo

P.S. Not to worry-we will be making homemade ginger tea to cure Lauren's hoarse voice ASAP.

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