Monday, June 27, 2011


After countless hours of drying I put my dress to the test and hit the streets of downtown New York City with my best friend in tow (we for sure drank a 'Lemon Drop Detoxifier' the next morning)!

Considering the awful appearance and texture of my not so cost effective 'dry clean only' Herve Leger dress (hand washed via tub) and lack of time, I did the one thing I thought I would never ever do-TUMBLE DRY. I was more nervous than the time my dad insisted on walking me into my first day of 2nd grade in his neon blue tracksuit. I think I'll stick with following the directions on the tag from now on. Though just like my dad regained the respect of my classmates (he dressed up as Bart Simpson for our school carnival later that year), Herve slowly but surely regained my respect once again too. My dress salvaged its original appearance and shape after tumble drying on low. Thankfully it also left room (no butter or a crane needed) for some serious dance moves as we painted the town red in honor of the king. xo


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