Friday, June 3, 2011

Pass The Sodium, Please

We've all heard "about" salt, but there is a huge difference in table salt and natural salt. Let's discuss which salt to stay away from and why.

Ditch the table salt: Traditional table salt does different things in your body than salt from natural resources. Table salt is heavily processed, refined and stripped of all its minerals except for sodium (useless sodium) and chloride 'ewy!' Table salt is an acidic, inorganic substance; meaning the body cannot utilize it or break it down to use the sodium it needs, leaving the body full of toxins and excess fluid (aka cellulite) 'NOT okay.' Table salt isn't easily eliminated/detoxed from the body, so this plus a lack of “good” sodium can cause serious healthy issues and/or death.

Why the body should utilizing salt/sodium: The body needs organic sodium; it is essential (of course still in moderate amounts) to our health and skin because of all its minerals. In the body it helps neutralize acids from stressful lifestyles and poor nutrition, without it the body takes from its reserves (even bones). This type of “good” sodium is in fruits, vegetables and natural sea salt. Gallstones, kidney stones, bad memory 'wait, so I asked YOU out???', arthritis, heartburn, acid reflux, headaches, indigestion, bacterial infections, diabetes, bloating 'seriously right now?', fatigue, weight gain 'AAAHH!' and other issues can occur in result of a lack of organic sodium. Unlike table salt, if the body takes in too much “good” sodium it can easily eliminate it.

Keep this in mind: Health issues related to “sodium” are due to processed foods, which contain very high amounts of table salt. 

Recommended saltHimalayan (some are pink in color, either work!) or Celtic sea salt (overall, any kind of kosher or sea salt is best). They are more potent than table salt so you may use less than normal. Both of my favorites can be found at Whole Foodsxo

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