Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cali Cranberry

Alcohol may not be good for you, but having fun is! We all need to let loose every once in awhile and having drinks with friends is fun! However, alcohol should be considered a “treat” and is to be consumed in moderate amounts. When possible, try to choose cocktails that contain the least amount of sugar, calories and chemicals. I am always trying to come up with alternative mixers because I hate compromising taste (or fun!) for health! 

Here is one of my 4th of July recipes; 'Cali Cranberry.'

Stevia drops-dilutes the bitter taste of pure cranberry juice alone 
Vodka-SKYY contains the least amount of toxic chemicals for its price range
Blueberries-use as garnish

It is difficult to say how much you should add of each, it is entirely based on personal preference. I add a shot of vodka (light weight), mostly Pelloegrino, a dash of cranberry juice and 4-5 drops of Stevia, mix then top it off with a few blueberries. You can put the ingredients into a shaker or just stir together with a spoon. It's great virgin too-I drink it without alcohol or blueberries all the time! 
This recipe is my staple (just like California-hence the name!). Cranberry juice and sparkling water are classic mixers so just switch up the garnish to match the occasion. I paired it with sliced oranges last week for a BBQ!

Alone, pure cranberry juice can act as a detoxifier! It can help improve skin, boost the immune system and decrease cellulite and weight. Cranberry is an antioxidant and contains large amounts of vitamin C which can help protect the bodies overall health. It can also eliminate the feeling of depression and act as a stress relief. Cranberry juice that contains added sugar or chemicals could lower your overall health rather than improve it (plus you'd need to drink way more-more calories, sugar, carbs, etc. to gain its true benefits), so I would always try to reach for the purest form!

Cheers! xo

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