Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Look Of Liberty

Sweet Land Of Liberty

4th of July is right around the corner and I am back in California to spend the holiday in Newport with my family! Dresses are an easy way to look festive-plus stay cool in the heat. I love this dress in particular because of its open back and side cutouts; you can wear it casual or a bit more dressed up with heels or wedges. I chose to make it casual and "beachy" considering my 4th of July plans.

In effort to keep this look casual, a "no-fuss" approach is best when it comes to skin and hair. Mix foundation with oil-free sunscreen and a little shimmer powder for a natural (and protected!) looking glow, then apply with a make up sponge. Dust bronzer or blush on the parts of your face that naturally get hit by the sun; forehead, apples of your cheeks, top of your nose and chin. Use a shimmery eye shadow or shimmer powder under the eyes then continue up towards the temples (C-shape) for definition, add a couple coats of black (darker the better if you're not wearing any other eye make up and want to look more dolled up) mascara, SPF chapstick (apply blush to lips for a hint of color) and your set to celebrate! Half-up hair styles are all the rage this summer-own it!;)

I love NARS products but sometimes I just cannot find it in me to spend the extra cash; here are a few affordable favorites in my make up bag:

Revlon Luxurious Perle Eye Shadow-Brushed Copper, $3.99 (love this for under eyes and definition!)

Happy 4th! xo

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