Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Black Leggings

Browsing through the pages of US Weekly, a pair of celeb must-have leggings caught my eye: The Girls' Tummy Control Capri Pant, $29.99.

'Tummy control??? All I can think of is a mom carrying a baby on each side of her hip, pushing a stroller with triplets, wearing Sketchers Shape-Ups in hopes it counts as her morning workout.’ I quickly turned the page. 'Way too much responsibility comes with wearing tummy control, not now, no thanks. Wait, was that…they are only $30…’

Cameron Diaz, Lauren Conrad, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Richie and Kristen Cavallari are some of the many celebrities to appreciate these forgiving leggings.

After looking online and still being skeptical, I decided I would hold off until I could try them on. Days later while at Bloomingdales, I found a pair comparable to those featured in US Weekly, they looked much more fitted then the recommended brand and less intimidating. Lissè Basic Capri Leggings, $56.00.

They fit perfectly, everywhere!

Not only comfortable, but flattering enough to wear with a shorter top and kept things looking tight and slim throughout my workout and running around town. The waistband wasn’t too much higher (bought the lower rise) than any other leggings I own, just tighter, but without digging into me. They come in black, white, grey and navy; unfortunately the white was a little see through, so I went with black and grey.

Lissè Leggings were also an Editor’s Pick in the February 2011 issue of InStyle.

If you’re comfortable with online shopping it might be worth trying 'The Girls,' you can’t beat the price and may love them. I ended up ordering a pair out of curiosity, but didn't find these to be much different than the average legging, just a higher waist and perhaps better fabric.

Now, grab a pair of your choice and show off that booty-ful derrière! xo

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